Our Platform

Automate the entire life cycle of a loan
for Lenders, Borrowers and Investors

Our Technology


Easy to use point and click loan entry screens, automated credit pull, loan decision via automated emails, disclosures, and closing contracts

Institutional Platform

Our flexible framework accommodates quick and affordable customization. Features include an integrated decision algorithm, built-in pricing tools, automated credit application processing, custom reporting, support tools, and much more.


Clear demarcation between the front end, middle tier and back end allows underwriters to analyze each loan, make quick decision and provide highly competitive pricing based on automated templates and decision making algorithms.

Unique Credit Intermediation Strategy

Our unique approach to underwriting and risk-sharing with our originators produces a portfolio of exceptionally high credit quality compared to our peers in the lending market

Rigorous quantitative and expert review supplemented by independent 3rd party appraisal and construction reviews

Exceptional unlevered and levered returns secured by a combination of hard collateral, property income and personal guarantees

Best in class credit profile and delinquency rates

12-24 month loan exit horizons which protect against short-term volatility induced by market technicals

Locally sourced, credit enhanced loans with a network of originators having properly aligned interests via first loss retention or other means

Our Approach

The Hub and Spoke Model

For Smaller Deals

  • Regional Subordinated Private Lenders (SPL) act as hubs, sourcing local borrowers
  • SPL takes a first loss position in a loan via a synthetic participation agreement
  • Roc is the lender of record, owns 100% of the loan and is the Master Servicer of the loan

For Larger Deals

  • Roc lends directly to the borrower
  • Borrowers typically have lengthy operating histories, solid financials, and verifiable track record of success
  • Direct underwriting
  • Roc employees visit every project site
  • Roc employees meet borrower prior to funding a loan