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1-2 Yr Purchase Fix and Flip Loans


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Single Family Rental (SFR) Loans

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Residential Fix and Flip Loans

Roc's flagship program provides lenders with capital to lend to investors looking to purchase and rehab investment properties (1-4 family homes and condo units). This program is targeted at 1-4 family homes and condo units where the renovation budget is typically <50% of the purchase price. Prior borrower experience in similar projects is required. Roc is a reliable capital partner for private lenders, offering quick turnaround times and preferred financing terms for repeat borrowers with an active pipeline of transactions.

Typical Terms

Loan Type Senior 1st mortgage loans only
Loan Amount $75,000 to $25,000,000
Maximum Term Up to 18 Months
Amortization Interest Only
Interest Rate 7.99%+ (Interest Only)
Loan to Cost
  • Up to 90% of purchase
  • Up to 100% of renovation
Loan to After Repair Value Up to 70% of fully appraised value
  • Nationwide platform
  • Borrower experience required

Featured Project

Purchase Fix and Flip

Washington, DC

Single Family Rental Loans

Roc is pleased to announce the addition of Single Family Rental loans to our range of products. Program details will be released soon.

Typical Terms

Loan Min-Max $70,000 - $2,000,000
Permitted Property Types SFR/2-4 Family/Condo/Townhome/PUD
Loan Purpose Purchase or Refinance
Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) 75% (US Citizens)/65% (Foreign Nationals)
Loan Term/Amortization 30 Years
Rate Type Fixed
Prepayment Penalty 3-6 months PITIA
Maximum Property Debt-to-Income (PDTI) 80%
Borrower Experience No first time buyer; minimum 6 months ownership
Minimum Guarantor FICO 650 (US Citizens)/680 (Foreign Nationals)
Borrower Entity Individual/LP/LLC
Geographic Region Nationwide, except MN, NV, ND, SD, VT & WV
Property Location Major Markets (>250k MSA population)
Guaranty Full recourse/LPs and LLCs require personal guaranty

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