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Roc Capital Makes Bridge Loans Easy

Roc Capital’s flagship product is offered to you through the industry’s most advanced table funding platform. Our Fix and Flip loans provide you with a reliable funding source for your customers to purchase, renovate, and rent/sell homes consisting of 1-4 units.

Fix and Flip Terms


12 months standard

18 month option case-by-case

Rehab/Construction Financing

Up to 100% of rehab budget

Maximum LTC (% of Purchase Price)

Up to 90% LTC

Maximum Loan-To-Value(Ltv)

Up to 75% ARLTV

When Do We Use Ltv Vs Ltc?

Generally, we use LTC on lopsided projects (where the purchase price is lower than rehab budget)


Full Recourse Only

Loan Amount

$50K - $5MM

Loan Purpose

Rehab loan for non-owner occupied residential investment property

Borrower Type

Entity required

Property Types

Non-Owner Occupied:

Attached or detached SFR

2-4 unit properties


Warrantable Condos

Foreign Nationals

Not allowed from ineligible country list

Minimum Experience

NO prior experience required

Quick closing

We offer a streamlined, common-sense underwriting process that is light on paperwork and strong on efficiency. Reap the benefits of our finely tuned, tech-enabled table funding process for our core product, created by Roc Capital in 2014.

Wide box

We are aggressive on leverage (up to 90%/100% of purchase/rehab and 70% of after repair value) with superficial lower/upper bounds and credit limits. From $50,000 light rehab loans in the middle of the country, to $20,000,000 fix and flips in the Hollywood Hills – we’ve funded them all.

Expert relationship managers

Our Roc Capital relationship managers understand real estate and will get your deal pipelines funded. They provide personalized service through a dedicated chat room staffed with other key decision-makers. You will never be without direct access to a knowledgeable subject matter expert.



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