White Label Table Funding

Your Loan - Our Capital, Resources and Risk

We fund your borrower at the closing table and in your entity name so you can focus more on originating and less on raising capital. Our white-label table funding enables you to lend without risk of loan buybacks and without your clients knowing that Roc Capital is providing the capital.

Your relationships are protected. Always

We fund your borrowers’ loans at the closing table under your company and brand names. At close, the loan is discreetly assigned to Roc Capital while we simultaneously advance funds to your borrower. The result: Your clients never know we are the capital provider.

No loan buyback risk and no reps and warrants required

Some lenders have been caught with loans on their balance sheets, causing financial strain. Roc Capital’s confidence in our process means we don’t require you to issue representations and warranties. No matter the circumstance, we will never ask you to buy back a loan. Ever.

Our deal box is wide

We table fund the widest range of loans in the industry at competitive pricing. We offer bridge loans for fix and flip, ground up, and multifamily projects. Our rental product suite includes single property rentals, rental portfolios, and multifamily properties, including mixed-use. Our rates and terms are the industry’s most flexible and customizable, from smaller projects to mega portfolios.

Loans for Professional Residential Real Estate Investors

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Table funding involves a settlement that stands behind the financing of a mortgage loan that simultaneously coincides with assigning the loan to the person advancing the funds. 

  • It’s a pass-through process that keeps your image as the lender with your client intact.
  • No delays at closing because the parties resolve all major issues before that stage.
  • In the majority of cases, if issues do arise, they are relatively minor and easily solved.
  • The advance of funds is seamless and smooth with the lender wiring in the agreed loan value before closing time. It’s the closing agent’s responsibility to ensure the process as described runs to schedule.
  • The deal won’t fall through on the expected timeline because the funds aren’t there on the closing date.
Some lenders have gotten caught with loans on their balance sheets, dealing with financial strain. With Roc, it won’t happen to you under any circumstances, nor will you have to buy back a loan for any reason. We have always prided ourselves on our best-in-class table funding process. It shines even in times of severe market stress. So don’t ever get caught again.

The all in one capital platform for private lenders

We help you save time and make more money

White Label Table Funding

We fund your borrower at the closing table in your company brand and entity name so that you can focus more on origination and less on raising capital.


Full Back Office Support

From underwriting, closing, and funding to loan servicing, Roc Capital’s platform dramatically increases your business operations capacity, enabling you to become a lending powerhouse.


Full Technology Suite

Our web portal and mobile app allow you to securely submit and price deals, check your borrower’s credit and background and follow the status of your loans throughout their lifecycle.


Concierge Service

Dedicated relationship managers and chat rooms attended by key decision-makers to provide you instantaneous feedback and support.


360 Experience

We are vertically integrated offering property insurance, title insurance, appraisals, and preferred pricing at national home improvement retailers to help streamline the loan funding process and offer benefits to your borrowers.


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