Lead Generation

Data science-driven leads

Data science-driven leads connect you to experienced potential repeat borrowers.

Borrower leads generated by our team of data scientists help you scale your business

Through machine-learning and AI, Roc Capital’s data science team has spent years perfecting the process of sourcing real estate investor leads. When funding loans through our platform, you receive these leads and Roc Capital helps you nurture them.

Loans for Professional Residential Real Estate Investors

The all in one capital platform for private lenders

We help you save time and make more money

White Label Table Funding

We fund your borrower at the closing table in your company brand and entity name so that you can focus more on origination and less on raising capital.


Full Back Office Support

From underwriting, closing, and funding to loan servicing, Roc Capital’s platform dramatically increases your business operations capacity, enabling you to become a lending powerhouse.


Full Technology Suite

Our web portal and mobile app allow you to securely submit and price deals, check your borrower’s credit and background and follow the status of your loans throughout their lifecycle.


Concierge Service

Dedicated relationship managers and chat rooms attended by key decision-makers to provide you instantaneous feedback and support.


360 Experience

We are vertically integrated offering property insurance, title insurance, appraisals, and preferred pricing at national home improvement retailers to help streamline the loan funding process and offer benefits to your borrowers.


Grow your private lending business today!