Looking Back at 2021, Looking Forward to 2022

2021: A Year in Review


A year of extremes

Bridge loan headwinds

Rental loan tailwinds

Conferences undeterred

Build for rent “fever”

Zillow Offers goes bust, some negativity on housing

Looking ahead to 2022

Brace for volatility!

Affordability is still decent and in line with pre-Covid levels–but it's all about interest rates

Bridge loan headwinds likely to abate; rental loan tailwinds likely to lessen

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The Private Lending Market Today: Cautious but Optimistic

Despite today’s macroeconomic conditions, the mood in private lending is cautious but still optimistic, says Roc Capital’s Adam Gottfried. A key reason: the fundamentals of real estate have never been stronger.

How Roc Capital Makes Loan Originations Fast, Easy, and Efficient

Roc Capital is uniquely positioned to be your trusted partner, especially in this rising rate market, thanks to our wide range of products, customer-friendly processes, a comprehensive suite of services ranging from white label table funding to full back office support and a full technology suite.

How Roc Capital Kept Rates Competitive for Our Clients

Speaking on the Mastering Wall Street panel at the Geraci Innovate Conference a few days ago, our Co-Founder Eric Abramovich discussed recent bridge loan securitization pricing and how Roc Capital has been able to keep rates competitive for our clients.